Group Mounts Pressure on MPs to Get Wa UDS Bill Passed

Date: Tuesday November 13, 2018, 7:14 pm

The Concerned Citizens of Upper West Region and Sympathizers of UDS Wa Campus have mounted pressure on the Members of Parliament (MPs) from the region to at all cost win the support of their other colleague MPs to ensure that the bill granting the Wa Campus of UDS an autonomous status was passed into law.

The MPs in the area have over the last few months received several bashings for their perceived lack of concerning or contribution towards the struggle for a sovereignty for the UDS campus in Wa.

Concerned Citizens of Upper West
At a Press Conference organized by the Concerned Citizens at Wa to show their appreciation to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for declaring the UDS Wa Campus as an autonomous University with the name “University of Business and Integrated Development Studies”. The President last Saturday announced in Tamale that his government has endorsed that two campuses of the University for Development Studies, Wa and Navrongo Campuses be upgraded and separated the authority of the UDS Central Administration. However, the concerned group has indicated that they would not accept any form of disappointment from their MPs in pushing for the passage of the bill into law, when it is laid before parliament. “To the MPs of the Upper West Region, you have another opportunity to redeem your image. Please ensure that your colleagues eschew any partisan approach to debating the bill. You must be guided by the yearning demand of those who entrusted you to represent them. Our dear Honourable MPs, we are watching you people closely. Do your best to expedite the passage of the bill by ratifying it” They also appealed to all Parliamentarians not to play petty party politics and unnecessarily delay the bill if it is finally laid before the House.

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