Vice President Bawumia shocks cured lepers with 'Pre-Xmas party'

Date: Monday December 10, 2018, 12:57 am

By: www.watchghana.com

Dr. Bawumia and wife serving food for the lepers
The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia made Christmas to come early for members of the Cured Lepers Federation when hosted them at his home on Sunday 9th December, 2018 to a big party. 

WatchGhana.Com learnt that Dr. Bawumia deliberately hosted the party in his residence to create a common platform for the lepers who feel neglected by society to socialize, associate and mingle with him and many other important personalities in order restore their dignity and inspire hopes in them.  
The Vice President who is also Patron of the Lepers Aid Ghana has started a public campaign to sensitise society against any form of stigmatization against lepers. 

Together with his wife the 2nd Lady, Hajia Samira Bawumia, the Vice President danced, sang and served food to the over 100 cured lepers, drawn from the Weija, Ho and Ankaful Leprosaria. In brief comments, Vice President Bawumia emphasised that there was nothing to fear from a cured leper, and called for greater compassion and understanding for “our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who have been abandoned by society even though they are cured.”

“The Bible and every other religious doctrine teaches us to love thy neighbour as thy self. We need to let this reflect in our daily lives, especially in the way we treat our vulnerable brothers and sisters. You can never tell when you will be struck by ill health, and if you don’t want to be abandoned in your time of need, this is the time to help those in need”, he underscored. Recalling his visit to the Weija Leprosarium at Christmas time last year, during which he offered himself as a Patron of the Lepers Aid Ghana, Vice President Bawumia called for greater societal integration for all sections of society, pointing out that everyone has a role to play in national development. Speaking on behalf of the celebrants, an elated head of the Weija Leprosarium, Rev Fr Andrew Campbell, said “I have never experienced such joy in my almost 48 years of priesthood. To be invited with my precious jewels to the home of the Vice President, to sit, eat and dance with him is just wonderful, and we are most grateful Your Excellency.”

Source: www.watchghana.com

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