Sunyani Bosoma market turns “Sodom and Gomorrah”

Date: Wednesday January 23, 2019, 5:20 pm

The influx of drinking bars, and smoking bases, around the Nana Bosoma Market in the Sunyani Municipality is contributing to alarming rate of criminal activities in and around the market enclave, WatchGhana.Com can report.

The area could be likened to the ancient biblical city of “Sodom and Gomorrah” because of the unscrupulous and illegal social activities that go on around the market at nights.

During a visit to the market, a number of drinking spots were sighted, whilst other new ones were also springing up.

The enclave is gradually turning into a slum as squatters and drug addicts have invaded and perching in unauthorised structures.

Clandestinely, the squatters use many of these structures as brothels for commercial sex activities involving teenagers. The sex activities soar during weekends.

The market area is noted for criminal activities where many young men stopover, have fun and patronise the commercial sex workers at odd hours.

Investigations by WatchGhana.Com revealed that robbery and burgling were rife in the market area because of the poor lighting system and lack of security.

The market area is now a “haven” for criminals in the Municipality, who trap and attack market women and traders, collect their monies, mobile phones and personal belongings at night.
These criminals intensify their operations during Tuesdays, at which time the unsuspecting victims – market women, traders, and buyers arrive at the market to prepare for market activities on Wednesday which is the main market day.

Taxi drivers are also not left out of the attacks as the robbers sometimes pick and rob them at gun point in the market area.

Meanwhile, the alcoholics, drug addicts and peddlers have turned the market into an open defecation zone, messing up, and worsening the sanitary condition in the market.

 Traders and residents around the vicinity have therefore appealed to the city authorities and security agencies to intervene and possibly disband the Indian hemp smoking and peddling joints in the area to make life comfortable for them.

Ms. Jocelyn Anima, a student resident around the market tells WatchGhana.Com she was attacked by some unidentified young men last weekend when she was returning from lectures.

She said the incident happened around 2100 hours when she was returning from night studies and her attackers succeeded in making away with her two mobile phones, laptop computer and a wrist watch.

According to another victim, Cecilia Osei Agyemang, some two young men attacked her, pulled a knife and snatched her mobile and purse.

They appealed to the Sunyani Municipal Assembly to improve on lighting and security situation in the market area to help protect lives and properties.

Source: www.watchghana.com/ K. Peprah

Author: WatchGhana.Com    Verified


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