‘Let’s create gender sensitive society’-Esi Andoh

Date: Thursday February 7, 2019, 8:34 am

By: www.watchghana.com

Ms Esi Andoh, Executive Secretary, IWEN
The Executive Secretary of the Indigenous Women Empowerment Network (IWEN), Maame Esi Andoh has stressed the need for a just and gender sensitive society where all work together for a common goal.

This according to her, would enable women especially indigenous women to participate fully in matters affecting them and contribute to the holistic development and decision-making processes that would enhance their capability to influence policies and promote peace and development. 

Speaking to the media, Miss Andoh said creating awareness, building the capacity and confidence of the marginalised and vulnerable women is very crucial for the socio-economic and political advancement of Ghana.

This, she said would make them self-reliant, social- economically capable and enhance their political consciousness. 

She noted that IWEN emerged as a result of the need to address critical issues concerning the important role of indigenous women in leadership and decision-making process at all levels so as to contribute their part to community and national development. 

IWEN, Miss Andoh pointed out aims at bringing forth the voices of indigenous people especially women and youth in decision-making at all levels in Ghana.
Formed in the later part of 2018, IWEN comprises of women leaders and youth derived from diverse rural and underserved communities in Ghana. 

The Network was started by some indigenous women who think that they were marginalized and excluded from leadership and decision-making processes at national, regional and local levels. 
Miss Andoh stressed the need to build stronger and more effective intergovernmental relations where citizen’s priority needs are better addressed and given attention.

The IWEN Executive Secretary said government should be able to design programs and projects where they are able to draw inputs from the citizens, especially indigenous women and carried out through increased citizen’s participation.

Source: www.watchghana.com

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