Date: Thursday April 11, 2019, 11:07 pm

By: WatchGhana.Com

The communication directorate of the New Patriotic Party in the Wa East Constituency chanced upon a publication on Ghanaweb on Tuesday, 9th April 2019 with the sweeping caption; “slow pace of development in Wa East under Akuffo Addo worrying – Dr Jasaw".
The writer, Daniel Katu, in his write up is purported to be making public the lamentation of a certain Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw, a parliamentary aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), on what he (Dr Jasaw) claims as slow pace of development in the district under President Akuffo Addo.
To begin with, the communication machinery as well as the entire NPP in the constituency thought of allowing this malnourished statement to die a natural death but have upon hindsight decided to put it in its rightful abode – the bin of junk cache.
 As much as we appreciate stakeholder support in uplifting standards of education in the district, we shall equally frown on attempts to draw non-existent capital from meager donations by philanthropists through middlemen as in the case of Dr Jasaw.
The basis for this porous allegation we are told, was when Dr Jasaw in his parliamentary primary bid, had to rely on donation of some computers from NASCO Feeding Minds Foundations to two basic schools (at Funsi and Kundugu) in the district. This would have been treated as a kind gesture irrespective of the reported obsolete state of the computers if Dr. Jasaw had not waded into the political mill of mischief.
We saw this as a feeble attempt to score undeserving political gains towards their primaries and   worst of all, linking that to a hollow assessment he made about the development situation in the district under this government. A clear testimony of a man from somewhere, not in touch with evolution of the district over time.
This does not come as a surprise though, because when an indigene becomes a stranger in his homeland, he becomes more confused than ordinary strangers in his maiden attempt at socio-political renaissance.  Since when has it dawn on Dr Jasaw that Wa East deserves development?  What is the basis for his assessment?  
This desperate attempt to lead a desperate opposition party in parliamentary elections is rather a negation of knowledge of happenings in the constituency he seeks to represent.
Setting the records straight, we wish to lay bare the achievements of the government in two years as a wakeup note to the pretentiously sleeping Dr. Jasaw and the NDC.
The people of Wa East will forever be grateful to the president for relieving them of the burden of having to pay fees at the secondary level, through the introduction of the Free SHS policy. 
In addition, the government in two years have undertaken the following projects in the education sector in the district.
1.	Construction of 3-unit classroom block with ICT Lab and office in Yaru. - completed and in use.
2.	Construction of 3-unit classroom block with toilet and ancillary facilities and furniture at Bulenga – completed and in use.
3.	Construction of 3-unit classroom block at Bunaa. - completed and in use. 
4.	Construction of 6-unit classroom block at Loggu- Sagu – plastering stage
5.	Rehabilitation of 2 no. 3-unit classroom blocks at Manwe.- in use
6.	Rehabilitation of 3-unit classroom block at Kpalinye.- in use
7.	Handed over site for the construction of 3- unit classroom block at Yaala no.2.- contractor to be on site soon
8.	Handed over site for the construction of 3- unit classroom block at Motigu. – Contractor to get on site soon.
9.	Supply of 500 dual desks to basic schools  district-wide

In addition to the above listed, the Member of Parliament, Hon. Godfrey Bayong Tangu, made the following donations to the district education directorate to enhance education delivery in the district;
1.	2 photocopy machines
2.	6 laptop computers
3.	3 scanners
4.	4 printers
5.	100 sets of jerseys
6.	200 footballs
7.	24 sets of football boots

Let it be known to Dr. Jasaw and the party he seeks to lead in the constituency that, the Nana Addo government has in the last two years, upon the distressed economy inherited, undertaken mouthwatering interventions aimed at boosting healthcare delivery in the Wa East district. They include;
1.	Construction of a CHIPS compound at Kulkpong.-completed and in use
2.	Construction of a health Centre at Kundugu.- completed and in use
3.	Construction of the first phase of a District Hospital (with OPD, consulting room, dispensary, injection room, office complex, delivery room etc) at Funsi. – at plastering stage.
4.	Rehabilitation of CHIPS compound at Buffiama.- ongoing
5.	Construction of labor room at Buffiama. – steadily ongoing
6.	Extension of electricity to three CHIPS compounds; Kunyebin, Tinniabe and Kpalworgu- completed
7.	Furnishing of Medical Doctor’s bungalow at Funsi.-ongoing

The MP has within the period under review made the following donations to the district health directorate to enhance efficient health delivery;
1.	5 delivery beds
2.	5 delivery sets
3.	1 theater bed and table
4.	3 motor bikes

To enhance access to portable water and good sanitary conditions in the district, the government demonstrated its commitment as shown below;
1.	Construction of 2 slaughter slabs at Funsi and Bulenga. – completed and in use
2.	Construction of 6 institutional latrines at Loggu SHS, Manwe, Goripie, Bulenga, Funsi SHS, Kundugu market.- Ongoing steadily
3.	Drilling of 6 hand pump boreholes at Kalahi, Sawla, Bayiri, Kunyebin, Tinniabe and Bellekpong.- ongoing
4.	Drilling of 6 solar powered mechanized boreholes at Motigu, Holomuni, Tampaala, Naaha, Yaala no.1. and Sombisi. Drilling done.
5.	Repaired 2 no. boreholes at Funsi; - in use
6.	Procured a poly tank to replace a broken one on mechanized borehole at Funsi.
7.	Successfully negotiated and handed over management of Funsi town water system to Community Water and Sanitation Agency.- rehabilitation works ongoing

1.	The Wa East district benefitted from its share of governments’ flagship programmes on agriculture; Planting for Food and Jobs, as well as Planting For Industry and Export
2.	The district assembly constructed a seedling nursery fence at Bulenga where cashew seedlings were nursed. A total of 49,250 seedlings were distributed to farmers across the district.
3.	1V1D; 10 communities in the district have been earmarked for the first phase of the one village, one dam project. They include; Loggu, Kulkpong, Kunyebin, Kataa, Naaha, Kpalworgu, Funsi, Yaala no.2, Kundugu and Tuasa. Work has since started on the dam at Kataa. The rest will soon begin.

Two warehouses are currently under construction in the district, at Bulenga and Funsi. Work is steady and about 70% complete.

1.	Renovation of Bulenga Area Council block at Bulenga 
2.	Renovation of Funsi Area Council block at Funsi
3.	Renovated District Assembly’s conference hall.
4.	Completion of work on District Agric. Offices at Funsi
5.	Construction of 2 no. semi-detached staff bungalows at Funsi.- ongoing
6.	Renovated DCD’s bungalow.- in use
7.	Rehabilitated DCE’s bungalow-in use.
8.	Renovated DFO’s bungalow.- in use
9.	Supported 23 communities with roofing sheets(zinc) to complete self- initiative projects

Though the NDC’s understanding of development is narrowed to a union of brick and mortar, let us remind them development is far beyond that mindset. Hence, human development and the welfare of the vulnerable in society were not left out in the government’s transformation agenda in the district. As such, the following added to the lot;
1.	Disbursement of Persons with Disability Fund.
A total of 106 beneficiaries received their share of the PWDF in the past year. Beneficiaries received amounts ranging between GHC1000.00 and GHC6000.00, depending on their applications.
NB. This fund in previous regimes was near impossible to access if not squandered.
2.	Support to students in tertiary institutions
A total of one hundred and eleven (111) students in tertiary institutions received support from both the MP and the assembly. 88 students benefitted from the Mp’s common fund whilst 23 students received support from the assembly.

The evidence above speak volumes of the rapid attention the Wa East district received in terms of development from the Nana Addo government in two years. This cannot by any means be described as a worrying situation. Of course, like Oliver Twist, we will always ask for more as we remain optimistic that more development projects will poor into the district this year. 
Notable among such is the Wa-Bulenga –Yaala No.1- Kundugu – Taantaali road under the synohydro project, 3 fully furnished ICT centres by GIFEC to be established in Bulenga JHS, Loggu JHS and Kundugu JHS, etc.
As much as we hold Dr. Jasaw in high esteem in his role as a lecturer at the University for Development Studies, we admonish him to hasten slowly into the political terrene. This, will at least, save him some reputation if he abstains from crying wolf where there is no puppy.
Once again, we wish to state without an iota of equivocation that;
i.	what is rather worrying is the desperate attempt by Dr Jasaw to throw mud at the Nana Addo government
ii.	what is extremely worrying is to have an advocate of a redenominated Mahama , trying to represent the Wa East Constituency
iii.	what is dangerously worrying is to use basic schools in Wa East as dumping grounds for obsolete computers.
iv.	what is treacherously worrying is to have indigenes popping up in the constituency only when they nurse parliamentary ambitions.
Succinctly, we urge all well- meaning Ghanaians, media houses and our people in Wa East to treat that emaciated proposition by Dr. Jasaw with disdain and the repugnance it deserves. Wa East is receiving and shall continue to receive its fair share of the national cake under the leadership of His Excellency, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, supported by the Hon Godfrey Bayong Tangu (MP) and DCE, Hon Jotie Moses.
Together we shall build Wa East beyond redenomination. Say no to vile propaganda. Say no to a redenominated president.
 Embrace President Akuffo Addo and the NPP for sustainable development.
Long live Ghana 
Long live NPP
Long live Wa East.

Hon. Wongtina Bamutu
(Communications Officer, NPP-Wa East).

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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