SAD VIDEO: 2-year-old boy found dead at Kasoa after missing for 3 days

Date: Friday April 26, 2019, 11:47 pm

By: WatchGhana.Com

The lifeless body of the 10 yr old boy
A lifeless body of a boy of about 2 years of age has been found inside a packed building blocks at Kasoa Kalabule around the Resurrection Church junction.
The boy according to a resident of the area who spoke to WatchGhana.Com got missing for three days and all efforts by his parents and other neighbours to find him proved futile.
However, his lifeless body was found Friday evening in between the blocks near a walled-house next to the boy’s parents’ house.
The incident was reported to the Kasoa Police but an eyewitness account indicated that the Police drove to the scene unprepared. “The parents and the community members reported the matter to the Police because nobody wanted to touch the body to weaken possible evidences, but when the Police came they said they didn’t have hand gloves to touch the carcass. So they left without conveying the boy’s body”. Meanwhile, some of the residents are accusing some foreigners in the area of being responsible for the murder of the boy. According to them, “the area is highly dominated by some foreigners mainly Nigerians who are allegedly engaged in several criminal activities for their survival”. The residents suspected that some vital body parts of the boy are removed especially the tongue and the eyes. His face appeared quite bruised and scalded with blood stains all over his head and the rest of the body wrapped in a blue and white cloth. At the time of filing this report, the Kasoa Police were yet to return to the scene to convey the body of the little boy.

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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