MURDER of 2 yr old boy: Kasoa youth stage demo against 'foreigners'

Date: Saturday April 27, 2019, 11:40 pm

Latest report reaching WatchGhana.Com indicates that some aggrieved youth in and around Kasoa Kalabuley have staged massive demonstration against what they termed as the criminal activities of some foreigners in the area.
This follows the kidnapping and 'ritual murder' of a little boy of about 2 years in the area on Friday April 26, 2019.
The demonstrators according our correspondent mounted road blocks and engaged in burning of lorry tyres to register their utmost displeasure at the activities of those suspected criminals most of whom are believed to be Nigerians.
WatchGhana.Com yesterday reported the news of a boy of about 2 years of age who was found dead and dumped inside a packed building blocks at Kasoa Kalabuley around the Resurrection Church junction.
The boy according to some residents got missing for three days and all efforts by his parents and other neighbours to find him proved futile.
However, his lifeless body was found Friday evening around 7:00pm but without his vital body parts.
WatchGhana.Com gathered that the unknown murderers used the boy for ritual purposes, as his eyes, tongue, heart, intestines, sexual organs and one hand were allegedly removed before he was dumped in between the packed building blocks. Meanwhile, some of the residents are accusing the foreigners in the area of being responsible for the murder of the boy. According to them, “the area is highly dominated by some foreigners mainly Nigerians who are allegedly engaged in several criminal activities for their survival”. Adding that, “We want to send a strong signal to our leaders and those Nigerian leaders in Ghana that we cannot stay with those criminals. They are giving us a lot of problems. They are always stealing and robbing people here of their laptops, mobile phones, monies and now killing our children”. The Police in Kasoa have since conveyed the body for autopsy.

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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