Bread shortage hits Tamale…as sellers set to increase prices

Date: Tuesday April 30, 2019, 11:26 am

There has been massive bread shortage in the Tamale Metropolis for the past three days now following the decision by members of the Bread Bakers Association to lay down their tools in protest against the high cost of items on the market.

According to the Northern Regional President of the Association, Madam Esther Serebour Doe the prevailing high cost of items is affecting their business and attempts to increase the price of their products [bread] had not also yielded any positive results. 

Consequently, Madam Serebour Doe told WatchGhana.Com’s Northern Regional Correspondent, Akyereba Kwabena that the strike was the only option available for their members to attract the needed attention from the authorities, and to also inform the general public about the Association’s intention to increase the price of bread in the region. 

The impact of the strike by the bread producers looks quite devastating especially when Muslims who are the dominant population in the Northern part of Ghana are about embarking on a 30-day’s fasting and prayers.

According to our correspondent, some of the residents especially tea and breakfast meal sellers had already started importing bread and pastries from the other regions for their businesses. 

Conversely, Madam Serebour Doe indicated that in as much as they did not want to punish their customers with the avoidable strike, they could not also sit and watch their businesses to collapse. 

She said majority of their members had threatened to stay out of business if nothing was done to reduce the high cost they incur. 

The Northern Regional President of the Bread Bakers Association revealed that the price of a bag of flour has increased from GHC135 to GHc150, sugar from GHc140 to GHC190, margarine now at GHC190 and all other ingredients have also seen price increase in the last four months. 
But the price of bread she said had remained the same because there was no common ground for all the bakers to increase their prices until recently when they came together to form the association to have one voice. Madam Serebour Doe said the strike will travel for the next 72 hours more to enable the Association to come out with their new price tags. WatchGhana.Com checks revealed that the bakers are not necessarily demanding the government to reduce the prices of items on the market but rather are seeking the support of the public and the authority to also increase the price of bread. Which therefore means that the bread shortage is artificially created to pave way for the introduction of the new price. With the new price as gathered by WatchGhana.Com, One Ghana cedi (GHC1) will be added to the price of every bread sold. For instance, a bread that was being sold for GHC4 will now go for GHC5, GHC5 bread will go for GHC6 and GHC10 will now go for GHC11. But bread sold at or below GHC2 will maintain its price but the size Madam Serebour Doe confirmed will be reduced. She said that the Association will cause public announcement to inform the public about the new prices, and that new price will take effect on the 1st of May, 2019. “Any member who does not comply with the directive will be sanctioned,” she indicated.

Source: WatchGhana.Com/Akyereba Kwabena

Author: WatchGhana.Com    Verified


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