Tamale Sch. Of Hygiene fails to reprimand ‘womanizing’ tutor…but victim blamed for going to media

Date: Wednesday May 15, 2019, 8:38 pm

By: Savannahnewsonline.com/Joseph Ziem

Forecourt of Tamale School of Hygiene
SOME aggrieved students of the Tamale School of Hygiene are fuming with rage over the deliberate refusal by the Authorities of the school to reprimand the immoral conduct of one of the tutors, Solomon Asare, found of assaulting female students sexually. 

It is nearly two weeks since the news about the ill behavior of the tutor against a first year female student, Ms. Portia was reported to the attention of the school authorities, but no action has been taken against him. However, Savannah News has learnt that the Tamale School of Hygiene authorities are rather blaming the victim for leaking the information to the media. 

The ‘womanizing’ tutor popularly known as ‘King Solomon’ has been assaulting a first year female student who turned down a romantic proposal from him.

The tutor is alleged to be forcing female students to enter into romantic relationship with him and those that turn down his request often incur his wrath.

Though most of his victims could not gather the courage to report the advances of King Solomon, Ms. Portia was able to prove her worth by rebuking the tutor to stay off her back publicly. 

On the night of Saturday May 4, 2019, Portia went to the roadside near the school to buy mobile airtime and while on her way back to her dormitory, King Solomon appeared from nowhere calling her to stop for a minute chat.

According to our source who wants to remain anonymous, King Solomon verbally assaulted Portia by calling her a foolish and unwise girl who has been going around telling people on campus that he has proposed to her.
 King Solomon firmly held her by the neck and kept insulting the visibly stunned poor lady.

He eventually left Portia but not without telling her “you’ll see”, a statement she found to be life-threatening and decided to call her parents and inform them about what happened.

The matter was reported to the authorities and preliminary investigations revealed that King Solomon had been victimizing Ms. Portia and demanding her to go out with him. According to Mr. Seiwu Bello, acting Principal of the School, the tutor was questioned in a meeting on Friday May 10, 2019 and he admitted that he had been asking Portia to have an affair with him.

He told this reporter that, King Solomon would be queried by management of the school in order to serve as a deterrent to others who might want to behave like him.

But fresh information reaching Savannah News from some aggrieved students indicate that King Solomon is still going about his duties and there has not been any attempt by the authorities of the school to investigate the matter since it was brought to their attention. 

“He still goes to school to teach, supervises ongoing mid-term exams and other assignments whereas Mr. Bello and other senior officials keep blaming Portia for being the one who leaked the information about the unfortunate incident to the media and her parents”. 

Meanwhile, some female students who earlier spoke to Savannah News, called for widespread investigations by government through the Ministry of Sanitation into the management of the school, recommending specifically the transfer of some particular tutors whom they labeled “notorious womanizers”.

According to the students who want to remain anonymous, many female students are in a fixed as they cannot report tutors who make sexual advances at them because they are afraid they will be deliberately failed in their exam.

“Honestly speaking, I wish the school was 60 or 80 percent female. Very few of the male tutors are good. The rest makes studying in this school very traumatizing. There’s a group of tutors including Mr. Solomon who are engaged in this devilish act. When you offend one, you offend the whole group.

Source: Savannahnewsonline.com/Joseph Ziem

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