‘Helen Huang is hiding in Lome, Togo’- Rosewood taskforce Boss

Date: Thursday May 16, 2019, 7:34 pm

By: WatchGhana.Com

A shocking information picked up by WatchGhana.Com has it that the Chinese illegal timber merchant, Helen Huang is currently hiding in Lome, the capital of the neighbouring Togo. Ms. Huang, 43, was arrested by the Tamale Police Command for the possession of large quantities of rosewood, but succeeded in jumping bail after she was granted a police inquiry bail. 

The Leader of Rosewood Taskforce, Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatau who revealed this indicated that, Helen Huang was bailed by a prominent Ghanaian Lawyer, who had connived with some unidentified Police Officers to send her out of Ghana in order to escape any punishment. He said the police are only refusing to mention the name of that lawyer. 

Speaking with Captain Smart on Adom Fm’s Fabewoso on Thursday, May 16, 2019, Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatau disclosed that Helen Huang and other Chinese nationals assisted by some state officials had caused staid damage to Ghana’s forest reserves and the environment, especially in the poor regions of Savannah, North East, Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions. 
He said that a chunk of the rosewoods were harvested from the game reserves and other forest areas in Tumu, Wa, Damongo, Sawla, Bole, Daboya, Buipe, Abromase, Walewale, Chana, Paga and other areas across the Northern part of Ghana. Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatau revealed that between 2013 till date over three million (3,000,000) rosewoods had been harvested from the Upper West Region alone by some Chinese and Ghanaian nationals. He lamented that Helen Huang and her group had always operated under the noses of the Ghana Police, Military and Custom officials, who aided her for personal gains. “Helen Huang is so powerful that she has all the security officials in her pocket. If she orders the police to arrest you they will not ask why they will just come and arrest you and even beat you up”. I feel so disappointed that our immigration officials knew very well that Helen Huang did not have a valid passport or stay permit when she was in Tumu, but they allowed her to operate freely. Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatau further lamented that the Regional Ministers, MMDCEs and some Chiefs in the area were fully aware of the activities of Helen Huang, but had failed to protect the interest of the nation. He vehemently charged on for failing the people of Ghana in protecting the forest reserves in the Northern part of the country.

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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