Give peace a chance: Buffer Stock Boss to Konkombas, Chokosis in Chereponi

Date: Wednesday June 5, 2019, 7:05 pm

By: Lansah Alhassan Musah

Abdul-Hanan Abdul-Wahab Aludiba, CEO of Buffer Stock
The Chief Executive Officer of the National Buffer Stock Company, Abdul-Hanan Abdul-Wahab Aludiba has called on the feuding factions in the Chereponi conflict to give peace a chance in order for development to take place.

Speaking in an interview in his office, Alhaji Aludiba indicated that, the factions must realize that without peace no meaningful development can take place in  that area.

He said, " those of us who grew up in conflict areas like Bawku know what it is like to witness conflict. We lost our friends and families as well as properties. In this regard I am appealing to Konkombas and Chokosis to put aside their differences and push forward the development of the area".

The Chereponi area has been experiencing heated conflict in the past weeks which has led to the loss of lives and property among the feuding Komkomba and Chokosi ethnic groups.

Several efforts have been made to help resolve the problem but there has not been any headway.

In this regard the CEO for NAFBCO is encouraging the two sides to lay down their weapons and dialogue to resolve their differences.

Source: Lansah Alhassan Musah

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