GLOMEF to champion Sustainable Livelihoods for Biodiversity Conversation in Ghana

Date: Tuesday July 2, 2019, 8:22 am

By: WatchGhana.Com

Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF), an NGO will in last quarter of this year launch its biodiversity initiative dubbed: Sustainable Livelihoods for Biodiversity Conversation (SULBIC) Initiative. The SULBIC Initiative seeks to pilot community based natural resource management initiatives with the objective of ensuring livelihood security and at the same time addressing biodiversity conservation.

The SULBIC also aims to demonstrate gender-equitable and community-driven approaches to poverty eradication through ecologically sustainable livelihoods for strengthening public policy. 

It emphasizes the need to translate the economic growth into actual reduction in poverty formulating sustainable livelihood opportunities for people living in and around forests. 

The project has two major components: (a) field-based activities with focus on grass roots interventions and (b) national-level activities with focus on providing lessons from the field-based activities for informing the legislative and policy frameworks of the country.

The project objectives are to: (1) Facilitate the process of making the national and state-level policies and programmes more responsive to linkages between sustainable rural livelihoods and biodiversity conservation and (2) Enhance the capacity of communities and institutions of decentralised governance for integrating sustainable biodiversity based livelihoods in participatory micro planning while ensuring equity, transparency and accountability.

The Founder and CEO of GLOMEF, Raphael Godlove Ahenu who disclosed this an interview in Sunyani observed that no strategy to conserve the forest ecosystem would be successful unless the basic needs of the society are met.

According to him, over the years, government forest ecosystem management strategies have failed because policy-makers did not take into account the compelling needs of the community.

Mr. Ahenu therefore, stressed the need to establish strong partnerships with local communities for management of the natural resources. He acknowledged the unprecedented rates at which biodiversity is being currently lost and stated that this trend can be reversed if the local people benefit from the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity.

Further, a significant reduction in the current rate of loss of biological diversity will require the provision of new and additional financial and technical resources to developing countries, and will need to include actions at all levels – from international to national to local levels. 

He noted that the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held at Johannesburg in August 2002 recognised the critical role of biodiversity, in overall sustainable development and poverty eradication as well as for human well-being and the livelihood and cultural integrity of people. 

Mr. Ahenu who is also the National Coordinator of WEA Business Coalition Ghana was of the view that, the objectives of government policy on biodiversity must always include the conservation of critical environmental resources, ensuring the livelihood security of the poor and better environmental governance which enables greater levels of equity and decentralization. 

He therefore advocates for the establishment of multi-stakeholder partnerships including Public-Community partnerships for better management of the environmental resources.

The GLOMEF CEO said given the critical importance of agro-biodiversity, he emphasized the need for agricultural research to focus on conservation and enhancement of the ecological foundations of farming and fisheries (land, water, biodiversity, forests, oceans and the atmosphere) through an integrated natural resource management strategy involving NGOs. 

Mr. Ahenu encourages the states and NGOs to focus on sustainable development of coastal areas, by linking ecological security with livelihood security.

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