New Chamber Saga: Ghanaians question 'wisdom, sensibility' of leaders of parliament

Date: Saturday July 6, 2019, 1:35 pm

By: WatchGhana.Com

New Chamber Saga: Ghanaians question 'wisdom, sensibility' of leaders of parliament
The Parliament of Ghana continues to attract the naked anger of many Ghanaians over its decision to construct a $200 million 450- seater chamber for members of parliament.

Out of excessive anger, many Ghanaians continue to spewing out insults and curses on the leadership of parliament, and the ruling government for what they perceive as a misplaced priority.

There are several videos and photographs flooding the social media depicting the unfortunate conditions under which most Ghanaian school children study vis-à-vis the current comfortable chamber of parliament.

Many Civil Society Organisations, pressure groups, the media and individual Ghanaians home and abroad have all questioned the 'wisdom and sensibility' of the leadership of parliament especially the Speaker, the Majority and the Minority leaders who have been most vocal in pushing for the $200 million new chamber at the time many schools are running under trees, students studying without tables and chairs, and senior high schools running double track system due to inadequate classroom blocks.

“I regret respecting certain people some years ago. Example the Majority and Minority leaders of parliament, the speaker. The president will loose my respect if he doesn't make an official statement by Monday,” a social media commentator Mark Oppong has said.

With photo display; another angry facebook commentator Raphael Ahenu posted “Look at how school children are struggling to get classroom to learn. How much will it cost government to build a decent classroom block for these children that would create a congenial atmosphere to propel effective teaching and learning? You have ignored these ones and you are sitting talking about $200m new chamber. You and the children who are more important?


An army man with the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) who is yet to be identified, in a short video has pleaded with President Nana Akufo-Addo to stop the Members of Parliament from going ahead to build a $200 million 450-seat chamber for the legislature.

On Friday July 5, 2019, the leader of the Economic Fighters League (Fighters), Mr Ernesto Yeboah, and two other members of the pressure group were arrested and handcuffed during a protest in parliament against the proposed $200 million 450-seat chamber for the legislature.

In a post on his facebook wall, the MP for Tamale North Constituency, Alhassan Suhuyini said “I’m an MP and I think it’s insensitive and a misplaced priority to construct a new chamber under our current circumstances. What is befitting of our status is not a new chamber, what is befitting of our status is the quality of representation we give our people and the positive transformation our choices make on their lives. I know majority of MPs feel the way you feel about this preposterous idea of a new chamber at the cost of $200m in our current circumstances.

So please don’t make the MP your target. He/She has no power to pay for a new chamber, even if he/she needs one. It is a government (executive) choice to make. Our government(executive)must not entertain it. Thank you.


Did l hear the Hon. K.T Hammond say parliament will not sit under trees? An MP speaking like this!?" one Osman Dauda also questioend. The Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah has also rubbished those fighting the construction of new chamber and asked why Ghanaians did not oppose and advocate for schools and hospitals when Ghana was building sports stadia.

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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