NGOs Network charges Parliament: Use $200m for infrastructural dev't in Ahafo Region

Date: Sunday July 7, 2019, 10:23 pm

By: WatchGhana.Com

The Ahafo Network of NGOs  has slammed Parliament over its unpopular decision to build a new chamber for its members, insisting that the proposed $200m be rather used to provide health, road, education and other social  infrastructure for the newly created Ahafo region.

According to the Network, the provision of the facilities in the region will be more beneficial and profitable to more than half a million of people instead serving only 275 parliamentarians who are just looking for their own interests.

At a meeting in Kenyasi, the Chairperson of the Oversight Committee of the ANN, Raphael Godlove Ahenu, noted that provision of health and educational facilities in the new region will help improve and enhance quality health care service delivery as well as quality education especially for women and children in the region.

Founded in April 2019, AHAFO NETWORK OF NGOs (ANN) is a coalition of non-governmental organizations, Community Based, Faith Based Organizations and other interest groups working to improve and promote sustainable development in the Ahafo region. 

It was established immediately after the creation of the new Ahafo region to help strengthen and enhance the capacity of CSOs and sensitize the general public on key policy issues as well as to impact policy makers on decisions which put the interests of the people at the center of the development strategy of Ahafo. 

The mission of ANN is to  increase the effectiveness of CSOs in Ahafo through the development of a dynamic and informed CSO community that is able to influence policies and actions at all levels. 

Mr. Ahenu lambasted the  Member of Parliament (MP) for Adansi Asokwa constituency, K.T Hammond for his statement on the floor of parliament that 'Parliament won’t sit under trees' and described it as unfortunate and uncalled for. Adding that "if K.T Hammond thinks the current parliament house is like sitting under a tree, he should get out of the place since nobody is forcing him to there".

According to ANN, there are a lot of challenges facing Ghanaians especially those in the newly created regions which need urgent attention more than the building of new chamber for only 275 people who are serving their own interest instead of serving the interests of their constituents.

He mentioned the lack of roads, hospitals, CHPS Compounds, school blocks, electricity, water supply, sewerage and waste management, housing, among others as some of the infrastructural challenges that the new region faces.

He noted that donating $200m to the Ahafo region will go a long way to help improve the  infrastructural deficit in the region which will enhance effective and efficient public service delivery.

Source: WatchGhana.Com

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