Presby Church applauds Government for maintaining in Ghana

Date: Sunday August 25, 2019, 1:02 pm

By: WatchGhana/Mary Gyekyewaa Gyekye, KOFORIDUA


The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has noted with admiration the government’s ability to hold the nation together in relative peace despite the numerous security challenges in recent years.

The church however expressed concern about the continual tension between Konkonbas and Chokosis in Chereponi and called on both sides to cooperate with government to find lasing solution to the problem.

These were contained in a communiqué issued by the PCG after its 19th General Assembly meeting held at Abetifi yesterday during which the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Rev Dr was elected Clerk of the General Assembly of the Church.

The communiqué which was read by the Moderator of the Assembly Rt Rev recalled the role played by the government and the committee of prominent chiefs in resolving the Dagbon crisis and called on the government to take steps to resolve similar conflicts.

With regards to attacks on journalists in the country, the communiqué said such attacks had increased in recent times resulting in Ghana dropping from 23 to 27 as contained in the reports of the United Press for Development Network.

The communiqué which supported Press Freedom appealed to the government to see how best to address the issues however condemned journalism by extortion and blackmail.

Also, the communiqué commended the President on the prudent manner in which the country was run and for showing sensitivity.

Touching on crime and vigilantism, the communiqué expressed distress by the unresolved case of the three kidnapped Tarkoradi girls, and wished with no intent to play down the pain and widespread manger, it cautioned the general public against riding on the pain of the deep sense of loss to profile wall foreigners or any group of people in ways that can generate hatred.

It however commended Parliament and the President for passing the vigilantism and related offence bill in to law, and called on law enforcement agencies to ready itself for the task as the country approaches the 2020 general election.

In addition, the communiqué was concerned about the persecution of religious minorities with Christian minorities suffering great persecution  in several places around the globe, and was evidenced that government and world leaders  have ignored these persecution, as  according to the Pew Research Centre report presented in July 2019.


It stated recent attacks on Churches in Burkina Faso have caused panic in the country which had caused panic in the country , a situation which had led churches into planning for the security and safety of worshippers, encouraging all churches not to be intimidated by these attacks, but keep the faith alive.

Furthermore, the communiqué called for legislation to regulate religious bodies, their functionaries, and their activities and condemned negative teachings practices and behaviours of those religious leaders that have dented the image of Christianity in Ghana.

It explained, the infractions committed by these religious functionaries were not representative of any religious group or clergy, and called all religious groups and functionaries to ensure continuous education for their pastors and other leaders to maintain the public trust.

The communiqué noted with grave concerns the worsening internal conflict and worsenning internal conflict in Cameroon  at a reagion which was already troubled by the activities of Book Haram, and appealed to Government to raise an influential voice and explore all avenues to persuade the two factions to commit to measures towards a peaceful solution of conflict to save life and property.

While appreciating the courage shown in the intervention by the Bank of Ghana, the Genral Assembly called on government and relevant authorities  to  show greater sensitivity to the plight  of other stakeholders by ensuring adequate humane  arrangements are put in place to minimize the negative effects of the intervention.

The communiqué expressed concern on the increasing reports about violent attacks on some individuals including police personnel, chiefs in some parts of the country and  noted the shameful and shocking murder of three police officers and a sub-chief of the Asantehene as well kidnapping of the Chief of Upper Discove, and subsequently commended the joint effort of police and military for the swiftness they moved into action and apprehended some of the suspects.

The communiqué noted with disquiet what appeared to be a preparation towards the introduction and dissemination of a policy document on comprehensive Sexual Education in the public schools, yet cautioned against the indoctrination of Ghanaian Children and youth with ideas that were incompatible with religious and cultural values  of  the Ghanaian people.

The communiqué was concerned about the persistence of corruption in the high and low levels of public service  and seeming lack of commitment on the part of authorities as an array of anti corruption legislation in the nations' law books and the existence of several high-profile anti-corruption bodies are proving almost ineffective.

The communiqué revealed the PCG had launched a National Sanitation Campaign in selected schools in Accra which would be extended to all Congregations with the objective of empowering the communities to adopt effect waste management practices in their homes and neighborhoods as part of witnessing to the Christ-like character of believers, and encouraged the congregation to collaborate with other churches and institutions who had similar initiatives for maximum result.


Source: WatchGhana/Mary Gyekyewaa Gyekye, KOFORIDUA

Author: WatchGhana.Com    Verified


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