Arrests, internet restrictions ahead of Cameroon presidential results

Date: Monday October 22, 2018, 10:59 am

Security forces on high alert as presidential election results are expected today
Security forces in Cameroon are on high alert, following a chaotic weekend that was characterized by botched protests, house arrests of opposition politicians, harassment of journalists and restriction of internet access.

The results of the October 7 presidential election are expected on Monday, according to the information minister Issa Tchiroma.

While the opposition has protested the eventual outcome of the election, arguing that there was massive and systematic fraud, the Constitutional Council dismissed all 18 petitions calling for the partial and total cancellation of the vote.

Over the weekend, opposition politicians in the economic city of Douala were placed under house-arrest to prevent them from leading planned protests.

Local journalists reported that the homes of Jean Mitchel Nintcheu of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and Edith Kah Walla of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) were under military siege.

The security forces also arrested journalists who had been deployed to cover the protests including Josiane Kouagheu of the international news agency Reuters.

Source: africanews.com

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