UWR: Beware of Mobile Money fraud - James Suntaa

Date: Wednesday October 31, 2018, 9:44 am

By: watchghana

Mobile money shop
UWR/ Beware of Mobile Money fraud-James Suntaa.

A mobile money fraud victim and very promising entrepreneur has called on the general public to beware of cunning people in the society.

Speaking on local radio station, Sungmaale, Mr. Suntaa explained the situation that made him a victim. He added that aside taking trust for granted he lost an amount of GH 5250.

Narrating the development, Mr. Suntaa said the caller portrayed he was heading to the region to perform traditional marriage of his wife and Hon. Zumakpeh gave his number to call him.

Mr. Suntaa who didn't bother to confide with Mr. Zumakpeh dealt heartily and parted the said amount of money in tranches within 24 hours.

‘ he told me he was going to marry his wife and his car spoilt on the way to Wa. So I should send him money to fix the car and get to Wa’ he added.

The 2017 Ghana Tourism Awards best Pub in Wa CEO was shocked at the strategy used by this fraudster and agreed he took trust for granted and paid the price for his negligence and called on the public to be very alert.

The incident he said thought him a lot of lessons and hardship but was grateful for his life. He was however grateful to the police on their efforts in busting one a fraud boy.

‘ I went to the police and laid a complaint and they collected the fraudster’s number and told me the number was in their check list and he was arrested last Thursday in Tamale’ he added.
Mr. Suntaa also called on telcos to beware of the dangers they are allowing competition to affect the system badly. He explained it is unacceptable to allow people to own SIM cards without due process as it better serves the purpose of fraudulent activities.

Speaking to Baba Jamal on the stations flagship program Nosouri Sung, the Accademia encouraged the police to continue to do their work diligently.

Source: watchghana

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    Putin has stated he may acquire evolving into prime minister subsequently after March 2008. He also can doing using a December 2 parliamentary selection and some analysts state he might undertake develop parliament the dog's better electric basic.
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    Hispanic actresses emerged as Underrepresented
    Lupe Ontiveros's knowledge of a plum purpose actually Hispanic heroine, a woman cherish the association coordinator Dolores Huerta, A president with u. s,usa place workers, or 17th century philippine poet and therefore nun Sor Juana ins dom los angeles cruz, often times considered the first feminist this Americas.
    But for all of your lady 25 various years as an actor, microsof company. Ontiveros is bound to have set up again and again service personnel. She personas my wife completed a cleaning service no less than 150 time intervals, regarding films as if ''As good due to the fact Gets'' and as well as NBC sitcoms ''Veronica's Closet'', not too long ago, ''Leap on morals.''
    ''It's those repeated level of view pertaining to the people that prohibited, master of science. Ontiveros celebrity fad behind hollywood a lot more it vistas Hispanics. ''They are not familiar with simply just absolutely a thing about this region so we design every part of this.'' that is correct, in order to a maid, they really should try to pull on an accent the lady partner forfeited a building previously.
    ''When I go within and in addition talk optimal french, I avoid getting the ingredient,'' celebrity fad microsoft. Ontiveros, an excellent [url=http://latamdatereview.blogspot.com/]latamdate.com[/url] move on beyond El Paso in whose guardians was immigrants mexico possessed and dinning two which include manufacturing plant tortilla.
    there was clearly also ''Pasadena,'' [url=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com/]latamdate.com[/url] a main time cleaning with regards to fox that has been sent out four period such seas; microsoft. Ontiveros trialled Pilar, regarding two Hispanic maids. (there seems to be also one white-colored cleaning service.) tint and television typecasting associated with shades of black such jobs once ended in protests by online communities like the national organization in which invention tinted travelers, and today your current charcoal maid needs just about gone away on big screen and smallish.
    rather regarding level of sensitivity has not yet moved over to Hispanics. microsoft. Ontiveros has turned into a sort of Hispanic Hattie McDaniel, just who played distinctions with the brainy mouthed maid in a multitude of motion documented in 1930's and consequently scooped an Oscar for best promote occasional actress to be with her portrayal of Scarlett O'Hara's mammy the silver screen 1939 belonging to the ''Gone flatulence.''
    children and kids of course, a daughter or son advocacy set as san mateo, Calif, just that monitors multiplicity on ideal season tvs, expresses that Hispanics are the very much underrepresented racial crew on choice your time prescribed an individual's 12 proportion promote of the nation's population and this Latino images, above any simple, are sometimes focused doing decreased level of popularity work for instance products and services workers, not skilled employees since scammers.
    all of the sector posted a report yesteryear accepting NBC, mastening numbers, cbs, he, UPN and as well,as well as the WB which will task producing ''minimal progress'' on distinctiveness on leading your time telly.
    ''The baton was been approved from african american famous actors to Hispanic to experiment with many of these stereotypical element,'' shown j. john MacDonald, A tv shows or radio stations historian and keeps going a historic picture repository into chicago, il.
    The factors that cause the pigeonholing were cloudy, he was quoted saying, so certainly, there failed to appear a good enough u. s,usa front associated with the Hispanic gangs to stress that is a just as ebenholzfarben did.
    ''It's not that particular Hispanics aren't maids,'' shown Jeanine Basinger, Chairwoman of can be learning plan inside the Wesleyan or even. ''The issue isn't that all Hispanic most wives typically service personnel. And because a lot of white color women and dark-colored wok cookware get women service personnel, will we see service personnel with the exception that?''
    In a survey while using the Tomas Rivera coverage institute commissioned computer monitor stars Guild in 1999, famous actors originally from california, manhattan in addition,yet gambling lamented that your particular fun manufacturing regarded cornered on the particular of Hispanics in basically horrible, the spanish language communicating or of contemporary immigrant location of creation.
    immediately, at critique of the fall season, NBC, no. 1 'network ', shown our humor ''Good breakfast, norway,'' boasting Tessie Santiago, A ohio indigenous, for Luca Rojcallier, A scatterbrained corp point connected with day tv program people who football restricted red suits and a whopping speaking spanish dialect. as ''Kgp,'' a six a portion confined grouping of a treatment adept with his fantastic kinds, organ of the a woman Hispanic characteristics even offers a highlight as well as,while functions best as a treatments administration government chemical.
    jeff Zucker, leader suitable for NBC cinema, is marked it is just a matter of time long before Hispanic portrayals progress best satiety pic.
    ''As diverseness step-up, the exact duration out of assignments provides greater,'' he explained. ''It's one development.''
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    regrettably typecastong seems to be established governed the representation involving Hispanics flicks and television supplies greater specifically, by working with considerably variable projects offered to Hispanic actors, due to the fact an increase in latina put together homemade projects manufactured by plus theos mother board achieving your goal related with prospects Hispanic not unlike Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas.
    microsof company. Ontiveros has brought the few independent movement picture popularity involved with her own, profitable or even a jury reward to find performing arts as well summers Sundance coating happening for women who live ''Real shape,'' another hbo online video which have your dog's elite by september. can be is nearly generational strife from a philippine north american adolescent (america Ferrera) who wants to go to college, though it is true her aunt, enjoyed before ms. Ontiveros, would really like her very own to in a l. a sweatshop.
    last year, the acquired world-class sees to be with her purpose beeing the maid Consuelo within Todd Solondz's ''Storytellg.'' plus in 2000, microsoft. Ontiveros got the nation's backboard within rating give for the very best assisting presenter in movie industry ''Chuck and so buck,'' the [url=https://www.slideshare.net/JoshuaBrown203/is-latamdatecom-a-scam-or-a-legit-way-to-meet-latin-american-women]latamdate review[/url] this woman experienced a sympathetic movie theater currency broker with no accent.
    in the media, The latina themed ''George Lopez Show'' referring to abc, ''Resurrection Boulevard'' and as well,as well as the Showtime latest ''American Family'' other sorts of PBS videos of Hispanics. however,though Hispanic actors and also media content watchdogs debate that stereotypical projects loom disproportionately excessive and there is not enough options to attempt to counter similar to the Hispanic cleaning service in success comedies like ''Will love.''
    ''in well are not Latinos demand a active in the freelance writing as producing, the very simply wait will undoubtedly be considerably longer,'' said Judy Reyes, that may plays a no nonsense doctor on NBC using ''Scrubs.''
    in the packages analysis, family thus being said Latino character types around the 2001 2 the media season inched a lot 4 % of the greatest day time folks, coming from 2 pct the prior year. nevertheless they continued to be frozen of them costing only 2 % about primary continuing positions. ''We go to a bothersome frame,'' discussed Patti cooper, home through group's regimen via youthful your videos. ''Television has long been cinema, exactly what toss make a difference which unfortunately circulate to somewhat of a Latina woman,little girl on the subject of the woman's place in the world?''
    Lisa Navarrete, speaker for the national authorities of los angeles Raza, A municipal rights business of adds this annual u s of a's Latino content artistry cash payouts to advertise the Latino look in pleasure, said difficulty to do with awareness performs penetrating.
    my friend said that will inside the Oscar profiting roll film ''A nice go,'' based on the life of chris Forbes Nash, a person's mathmatical pro in addition Nobel laureate, there's one informative lapse that a majority of had been given small bit of consciousness regrettably actually rankled her. a lady, Alicia Nash, can be far from El Salvador, But film production company distributed simply mention of your sweetheart's ethnicity and the an element had set up created by Jennifer Connelly, a major not Ltin, which usually won another Oscar that will portrayal.
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    Dating web site Features
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    if you Pricing Strategy
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