Dumba festival underway in Wa

Date: Thursday November 22, 2018, 6:06 pm

Chief of Wa with his kings men
The Chief of the Waala traditional area, Naa Fusieni Pelpou the IV and his council of elders yesterday outdoored activities that would lead to the climax of these years Dumba festival celebrations.

The ceremony was well attended by sub chiefs and other traditional authorities at the forecourt of the Chief palace.

An earlier cleanup exercise was carried out around the palace and some reserved areas of specialty to the clan as part of activities to mark the celebrations.

The Dumba festival is often clouded with fun fair and also tribesmen travel from all walks of life to witness these yearly celebration.  

On the day of the climax, the chief of Wa is expected to jump over a cow to pledge his allegiance to the traditional throne as overlord of the area.

This is considered very sacred to the authority of the chief. It is however believed that, should the chief fail in his attempt to jump over the cow, he is most likely not expected to survive the ensuing year.

This particular activity drags lots of attention during the celebrations.

Dumba festival is celebrated amongst some tribes in the three northern regions of Ghana. It is however interlaced with Islamic traditions such as Quranic recitals during the picking of rice grains.

This rice picking activity actually signifies the beginning of the celebration and is carried out by the Tendamba and the Limans of the area which happened yesterday.

Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo iv is the 34th chief of the Waala traditional area and is however expected to jump over the live cow on Sunday in a durbar of chiefs and kingmakers as the climax of the Dumba festival.

Other tribes resident in the traditional area would from today engage in dancing competitions till the climax on Sunday.

Source: UWR/Ghana/Watchghana

Author: Kantayir Digme    Verified


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