UWR:Tolerate other cultures, Regional Minister at Dumba

Date: Thursday November 29, 2018, 6:30 pm

Hon. Suleman Alhasan
The Upper West Regional Minister Hon. Suleman Alhassan joined the Chiefs and people of the Waala traditional area to climax these years Dumba festival celebrations.

The celebration which has traits into the Islamic tradition is however observed by some major tribes in the northern territories of Ghana. The Gonjas, Dagombas, Mumprusi and Nanumba people also celebrate the tradition.

The Waala traditional people however have a unique way of celebrating the Dumba festival. The paramount chief is made to jump over a live cow to renew his mandate of lordship over his people. It is highly perceived that failure to jump over the cow was a sign of death of the chief before the next Dumba celebrations.

The chief of Wa, Naa Seidu Pelpuo iv on Sunday renewed his mandate amidst cheers and excitement after a successful jump over the live cow. This activity is done at the durbar for everyone to witness.

The ceremony was grace by high profile delegations from the various traditional areas in the Region and beyond.

Wechau Naa, Sankana Naa, Guli Naa, Sunche Naa Osman Daudi amongst very prominent chiefs with their entourage at the gathering.

Other settler tribes within the traditional area also turned up in their numbers to grace the occasion. Daffiama Naa, Naa Domalee was the chairman for the durbar.

Naa Fuseini Pelpuo iv who happens to be the 34th chief of Wa, in his speech noted that the team for the Dumba celebration, “Responsible Parenting, The Key To Sustainable Educational Outcomes, The Role Of Traditional Authorities” demanded concerted efforts be built to enable a sound parenting for children in the society.

He bemoaned the situation where some parents don’t even provide basic amenities for appropriate child care. Naa Pelpuo also noted that the celebration of Dumba is a moment to display the rich Waala tradition of his people whiles calling on government to speed up works at the regional hospital for better health care access in the area.

In the Regional Ministers address at the durbar, Hon. Alhaji Suleman observed that the sustenance of the Dumba celebration over the years is worth commending and called on the people of the region to tolerate other cultures as a socio cultural community.

Hon. Suleman held the traditional area in high esteem for the cooperation in promotion of peace and tranquility in the area.

The head of the government delegation, added that the implementation of Free SHS by the government showed the visionary commitments of the president Nana Addo. He added that some parents can’t provide daily meals for their wards as some children do not even leave with their parents emphasizing the free SHS is most timely for the Ghanaian today.

He however bemoans the level of concerns display by parents towards the welfare of their children. He sighted instances where parents don’t attend PTA meetings saying the responsibility of the parents is to shape the future of his children.

The minister noted that most children do not have serene atmosphere at home to enable good learning environments, resulting in poor performance at school and called on parents to have interest in the education of their wards.

He also charged traditional authorities to take responsibilities of ensuring proper education of children as they are the future leaders of our nation.

Source: UWR/Ghana/Watchghana

Author: Kantayir Digme    Verified


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