UWR: Kpalinye Community cries for potable water

Date: Thursday December 13, 2018, 11:09 pm

Woman sourcing water from the stream
Kpalinye is one of the predominantly farming communities in the Wa East District with no potable water.

The village which can be described as a dispersed community  has only one borehole serving their purpose. The borehole has broken down for so many months now, making it difficult for the residents to access potable water.

Kpalinye community is however noted for its fight against open defecation with every household having its toilet facility nearby.

The community which is about 40km East of the Upper West capital of Wa, has to resort to unwholesome streams where women walk several kilometers to fetch water for house chores.

The women lamented over the difficulties in accessing water and the danger it poses to children who drink the unclean water.

Though the women have tried to dig dugouts around the stream, they lamented how frustrated they are as animals continue to contaminate the water sources.

“We bath our children every morning for school with this water. We have no option when the cattle get to the streams ahead of us” Madam Matilda a resident lamented.

“We have one borehole in this place. Anytime it breaks down, we contribute to work on it. Not even our assembly comes to our aid. When there is a funeral and people come to our village, we suffer to get water to serve our guests” Bodi Juliana also lamented.

Emilia Abu a resident prayed to God to direct a philanthropist to come to their aid.

A pito brewer, Domenyuri complained that her business and income had dropped drastically due to the non availability of portable water.
The Unit Committee chairman for Kpalinye, Nba Pogsama expressed worry about the situation and reported that their animals find it difficult to get water to drink.

The Chairman disclosed that several complaints to the Assembly has not made any deference in respect of their situation with  population of over 265 people leaving in that community.

All attempts to reach the assembly member of the area has been unsuccessful while the MCE, Hon. Jotie Moses only reads WhatsApp messages with no response to the bothering situation at Kpalinye.

Source: www.watchghana.com

Author: Kantayir Digme    Verified


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