School of Hygiene Tutor Preys on Female Students; Coerce Them to Go Out With Him or Face The Consequences

Date: Tuesday May 14, 2019, 7:33 pm

By: Savannahnewsonline.com/Joseph Ziem

Solomon Ossom Asare alias King Solomon
There appears to be a growing moral breakdown on the campus of the Tamale School of Hygiene, as one tutor by name Solomon Ossom Asare alias King Solomon, is reportedly bent on ruining  the future of female students through romantic affairs rather than moulding them.

The tutor is alleged to be forcing female students to enter into romantic relationship with him and those that turn down his request often incur his wrath.

The latest incident involving King Solomon has to do with him persistently pestering a first year female student by name Portia to have a romantic relationship with him.

Considering the way things were going, the victim finally decided that she could no longer tolerate her tutor and told him she was not interested in having any relationship with him, that is according to one of our multiple sources in the school.

On the night of Saturday May 4, 2019, Portia went to the roadside near the school to buy mobile airtime and while on her way back to her dormitory, King Solomon appeared from nowhere calling her to stop for a minute chat.

According to our source who wants to remain anonymous, King Solomon verbally assaulted Portia by calling her a foolish and unwise girl who has been going around telling people on campus that he has proposed to her.

Dumbfounded by the sudden change of attitude by her father-tutor towards her, she kept quiet but he aggressively held her by the neck and kept insulting the visibly shaken poor lady.

He eventually left Portia but not without telling her “you’ll see”, a statement she found to be life-threatening and decided to call her parents and inform them about what happened.

Initially, according to our source, Portia decided to go and report the matter to the police but later changed her mind perhaps due to fear of victimization from the school’s management.

King Solomon later called Portia to apologise to her for what he had done and asked for her forgiveness. To further demonstrate how remorseful he is, he sent two colleagues of the victim to also go and apologise on his behalf.

The incident has become an open secret on the campus of the Tamale School of Hygiene and many people including students and tutors are waiting to see the disciplinary action that will be taken against King Solomon who is alleged to be engaged in such immoral acts ever since his posting to the school in 2016.

A Recall of King Solomon’s Past And Modus Operandi

According to another source, King Solomon who has been on a secondment to the school for the past two and a half years initially appeared to act like a parent by always counseling his recent victim to take her studies serious.

He tells Portia not to hesitate to come to him whenever she needs assistance to understand anything that she is finding difficult to understand in class.

This according to our source started immediately the victim gained admission to the school in 2018, specifically during the first term of that academic year. Adding, the source said that, that appears to be his modus operandi whenever he wants to have an affair with a female student.

Savannah News’ investigations so far, have revealed that the moral turpitude of King Solomon is no longer a hidden secret on the campus of Tamale School of Hygiene as he is noted for always jumping from one female student to the other in order to cool-off his libido.

There is also a case of him allegedly sleeping with a pastor’s wife some time ago in his colleague’s room and it took the intervention of the current acting Principal of the school, Seiwu Bello, to resolve the matter amicably. This was confirmed by Mr. Bello himself when this reporter contacted him for his comments on this recent incident involving King Solomon.

It’s a Fallacy!

When contacted for his response, King Solomon described the report of him forcing Portia to go out with him as a fallacy and declined to answer further questions.

However, intercepted WhatsApp messages between him and Portia hugely confirms that King Solomon wanted to have an affair with her. Some excerpts of the WhatsApp messages from King Solomon to Portia read “Wanna take u down Islamic for discussion. There are other tutors at Hygiene spot. So pls bear with me”.

Another one reads “But y are u avoiding me? What have I done?” he asked and Portia responded “Cos I don’t want to have affair. Natin”.

Principal’s Response

Preliminary investigations by the management of the school have also revealed that King Solomon has been pestering the student in question, the tipping point being May 4, 2019 when he verbally assaulted her.According to Mr. Bello, King Solomon was questioned in a meeting on Friday May 10, 2019 and he admitted that he had been asking his student to have an affair with him.

He told this reporter that, King Solomon will be queried by management of the school in order to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to behave like him.

When asked whether King Solomon has any record of bad behaviour ever since he was posted to the school, he said there was a time he collected money from students who were supposed to write some exam and when others declined to pay, he threaten that they will not be allowed to write the exam.This incident, according to the Principal was not sanctioned by management of the school and so “when I heard it I asked him to stop. Apart from this issue, I’m not aware of any bad thing that he has ever done”, he indicated.

But when this reporter pointed out to him that he was aware of he Mr. Bello ever resolving a matter of sexual allegations leveled against King Solomon by a pastor for sleeping with his wife, his response was that the incident happened outside the school and he was not even the principal by then.

Students And Tutor Call For Investigations

Savannah News’ investigations also uncovered that, the problem of sexual harassment is deep-seated in the school.

For instance, there are allegations of the popular “sex for grades” which is a common practice in many tertiary institutions in the country in the school.

Some female students who spoke to this reporter called for widespread investigations into the management of the school, recommending specifically the transfer of some particular tutors whom they labeled “notorious womanisers”.

According to the students who want to remain anonymous, many female students are in a fixed as they cannot report tutors who make sexual advances at them because they are afraid they will be deliberately failed in their exam.

“Honestly speaking, I wish the school was 60 or 80 percent female. Very few of the male tutors are good. The rest makes studying in this school very traumatizing. There’s a group of tutors including Mr. Solomon who are engaged in this devilish act. When you offend one, you offend the whole group.

“I have heard one of our tutor’s, madam Huzeima once called all the female students when she was housemistress to advise them against any form of sexual harassment. But some of the students went behind her and told the tutors they were dating. I wasn’t here but when I gained admission into the school I heard it from our seniors. So you see, we the students we’re also our own enemies”, one of the students disclosed.

A tutor also added: “My brother, you see this school, only three people are running it. It’s as if the school is theirs. The Minister and the Chief Director at the Ministry of Sanitation (which is responsible for managing all three Schools of Hygiene in the country) must put their feet on the ground and do something. Some of us when we talk, they sideline us in anything they do. So we have kept quiet waiting for this kind of investigation to trigger more investigations from the top, I’m talking about the ministry level, into the school”.

Are There Still Good Staff Available?

Despite the current moral decadence at the Tamale School of Hygiene, this reporter also stumbled on many accounts of some students who said but for certain tutors and administrative staff, the school would have collapsed long ago.

In no particular order, they mentioned Madam Huzeima, Madam Charity, Madam Victoria the administrator, Madam Alice, Madam Merie, Mr. Dallas, Mr. Amadu, Mr. Karim, Mr. Seidu, Mr. Mohammed, Mr. Rasheed, Mr. Clement, Mr. Adams and some two other casual staff who bear the same first name, Janet. “These tutors and administrative staff we have mentioned are really working hard to make the school run as a tertiary school. As for the rest, the least said about them the better”, the students remarked.

Meanwhile, at the time of filing this report, management of the school were yet to take a decision on King Solomon. To be continued…………………

Source: Savannahnewsonline.com/Joseph Ziem

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