SECURITY in Bimbilla captures Facebook 'IMPOSTER' over offensive comments

Date: Thursday May 30, 2019, 9:35 am

By: Abraham N. Nlenkiba

@@The thick cover of one Ibrahim Mohammed, a native and resident of Bimbilla who for a very long time operates a fictitious Facebook account with the name: Bossu Yaaro has been blown by the security intelligence and has since been summoned to appear before the Bimbilla Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC).
The young man who kept his current town and region on his Facebook status as Tema and Greater Accra respectively is believed to be the architect of many mischievous, abusive and violent comments using the social media.
Ibrahim Mohammed spewed unwarranted comments which sought to attack the personality of the Defence Minister and MP for Bimbilla, Dominic Nitiwul and all Konkombas in Ghana describing them as 'animals'.
The Imposter's profile picture
Social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp are now some of the accessible means of communication worldwide. Most people use these two major social media platforms to do anything that comes to their minds. While some use it to advertise and market their products, connect with people of different backgrounds, connect with friends, preach their religious faith, learn current affairs and search for jobs and educational opportunities, others use it to incite violent and propagate their bad character or bad manners. Bossu Yaaro whose real name is Ibrahim Mohammed, commented on a publication link by myjoyonline.com and shared by one Lipila Augustine Bindayi entitled: Defense Minister Urged to step down from Cheriponi peace process”. In his comments, Bossu Yaaro exhibited his hatred for Konkomba Ethnic group (Ethnocentric comments) in statements such as “we don’t want Kokombas anymore in Ghana” if he didn’t step down we will kill all the kokombas in Ghana”, “did you have paramountcy” “who is your founder” “Kokombas are nonliving things”, “the day before yesterday when and kill 4 kokombas in our place” “they are animals”. One of the Facebook users by name Njonaan Ab.Nlenki who also replied to his comment by writing: “You went and killed?” Yaaro responded to this reply by issuing threats on him, his replies were: “Njonaan Ab.Nlenki you can run but you can’t hide”, “am monitoring you ok” There are other reports of how the Bossu Yaaro guy attacks and uses abusive words on others on the social media because he feels that his true identity is hidden. (below are the screenshots of the chats containing Bossu Yaaro’s comments)

Source: Abraham N. Nlenkiba

Author: WatchGhana.Com    Verified


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