Demons are using Akuapem Poloo and Yaa Jackson-Elder K Fred

Date: Friday July 5, 2019, 9:50 am

By: GHPage

Elder K. Fred
Ghanaian Gospel musician Elder K Fred who is best known for donating items and worshiping with Ghanaian prisoners in jail has descended heavily on some Gospel musicians who share unnecessary live videos and dress indecently just to trend on social media and make headlines in various news tabloids.

According to Elder K Fred, Instagram model and actress Akuapem Poloo is negatively influencing some Gospel musicians because they believe that getting attention and most especially trending on social media is highly possible if they make videos of themselves commenting on ungodly and irrelevant issues as well as dressing in an ungodly way.

The Gospel musician/preacher who has released a new song titled “Aba Me So” in a short video trending online stated that some Gospel musicians find it difficult to talk about the word of God online but find it easy to go live on social media and say irrelevant things, insult others and dress like Akuapem Poloo just to make headlines.


He advised Akuapem Poloo to stop recording unnecessary videos and stop dressing impolitely just to trend online. He added that Akuapem Poloo will regret the things she did at her youthful age when she grows.

The Gospel singer also blasted young female singer Yaa Jackson over her indecent dressing style and advised her to stop copying Akuapem Poloo’s lifestyle.


Although Akuapem Poloo has been acting for years, she gained the nation’s attention when she started going nude on social media. She exposes most part of her body parts on social media and most Ghanaians have never been enthused with it.

In her defense, Akuapem Poloo claims she is paid to wear those dresses which expose her nakkedness on social media.

Yaa Jackson, on the other hand, has also warned Ghanaians to stop calling her a bad role model because she s not responsible for raising up any parents’ child for him or her.

According to Yaa Jackson the songstress, Parents should be responsible enough to be their children’s role model, not her.

Source: GHPage

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