‘Criticizing an appointee, what comes to mind is that you either hate that appointee’-UWR Minister

Date: Thursday September 26, 2019, 2:10 pm

By: watchghana.com

UWR Minister in his office

The Upper West Regional Minister Dr. Hafiz Bin Sali has called on media practitioners not to only review appointees in government but to praise them too.

This he said during the Nadowli-Kaleo assembly Meet The Press encounter in Nadowli last week.

The regional minister was emphatic of the issue citing his observation of Citi FMs reporter Latif Mahama for instance. ‘And I think that is how all journalist need to behave’ the minister said.

The minister believed it is prudent criticizing an appointee and that they equally deserve commendations in their efforts in the nation’s development.

‘Journalism is not about criticizing. When you have an issue, you need to critique. And I belief you know that there is a deference between critique an issue and then to criticize. That is why am in love with what Latif Mahama did’

‘When an appointee is doing well, nothings stops a journalist from coming out to say that, appointee A or B is doing a Yo mans job. You can then commend the person and then go ahead if you have issues with them’ Dr. Bin Sali again added.

‘As a journalist, it is your stock in trade to be criticizing an appointee, what comes to mind is that you either hate that appointee or you are jealous or envious of that person’ he added.

He however commended all journalists for projecting the region to the nation as he received commendation for giving the region visibility.

He also concluded by singing praise on Heads of decentralized departments who answered questions. The minister said the response from them showed the DCE isn’t working in isolation resulting into a ‘fantastic’ performance in the district.

The ceremony gathered a section of stakeholders including Heads of departments and traditional rulers within the Nadowli Kaleo district as well as several media personnel across the region.

The ceremony saw the DCE Catharine Lankono table some successes chocked in the district under her leadership. This ranged from Education, Health, Energy, Road network, Agriculture as well as revenue mobilization.

Source: watchghana.com

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