UWR:NDC raises red flags over farmers day celebration

Date: Wednesday December 12, 2018, 2:09 pm

By: www.watchghana.com

The Upper West Regional Communications Unit of the National Democratic Congress has accused the ruling government of awarding members of the New Patriotic Party at the 2018 Farmers Day celebration.

This was contained in a statement issued by the opposition party to express its disappointment about the trajectory after 33 successful celebration of famers day and the discrepancies that occurred in the Daffiama-Busie-Issa district Farmers Day celebration.

The statement is below


We bring you warm greetings even as we remain struck with outer dismay and melancholy caused by the bizarre way the 2018 National farmers’ day was conducted in the Upper West Region.

For an occasion that has over three decades of credibility and success, one would have thought that, last Friday the 7th of December, 2018 could have been another opportunity where we all will be united as a nation to show appreciation to our gallant farmers who have endured all the odds throughout the year to ensure that, our bodies and souls are kept together. This was never to be the case in the District and Municipal level farmers day celebrations in the Upper West Region, as the occasions metamorphosed into political award ceremonies where mostly, loyal NPP foot soldiers were awarded under the caption of ‘best farmers’.

Indeed, a nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for. This is the stark reality that has dawned on very hardworking farmers in the Upper West Region, who were denied the appropriate recognition because they were not card bearing members of the NPP.

In the spirit of patting deserving farmers at their backs and getting many more motivated to venture into farming, one would have thought that, the under pinning conditions for winning awards would be based on the capacity of one’s agricultural engagement and how one is able to use his or her farming activities to positively impact one’s society. This was not the case in the Upper West Region as various government appointees and party functionaries manipulated the various search committees for deserving awardees and in some instances, demanded at the grounds of the ceremonies that, deserving names be changed for their party functionaries.

The acrimonious District and Municipal level awards reached its crescendo when a fall out in the Daffiama Bussie Issa District almost led to a communal violence. The District Director of Agric under the purported instruction of the District Chief Executive and the NPP Constituency Chairman of DBI instructed his subordinate officers to change the name of the best farmer to the name of party member who is a polling station chairman at Fian Primary school. This ‘white collar robbery’ did not go down well with the Subordinate District Agriculture workers who defied those orders to insist on the right thing. It also infuriated the farmers who had gathered from various communities only to be greeted with such mess. It took the intervention of the police who whisked away the NPP Chairman to prevent him from being lynched by the crowd that had become agitated. The story in the Wa West District was not different as onlookers were bewildered by the impunity with which partisan affiliation has become the bench mark to winning a best farmers award. In the Sissala West District, it was time to reward party loyalists as usual. Onlookers were bewildered by the fact that, some awardees that were called out have no known record of agricultural engagement. The discontent was not different in the Sissala East Municipality where onlookers bowed their heads in shame when the Sissala East Presiding member who is a staunch NPP supporter was awarded to the amazement of farmers.

Below is the list of District/Municipal best farmers in the Upper West Region.

Wa Municipal…………….. Alhaji Issahaku Iddrisu
Wa West…………………… Nuhu Salia
Wa East………………… Abu Adamu
Nadowli Kaleo…..…………Mr Moses
Daffiama Bussie Issa……………… Habibu Iddrisu
Jirapa Municipal………………… Sulley Dorsaa
Lawra………………………Naa Patrick
Nandom……………….Bele-Ire Juliana
Lambussie…………………….. Hon John Vienny
Sissala West………………………….  Hon Sakule
Sissala East…………………………….Hon Tohari Jabumie

It was therefore not surprising when Mr. Abdul- Rahman Ajar (Elder brother of NPP Regional Vice Chairman and NPP himself) was adjudged as the best Regional farmer in the Upper West Region.

Whilst we do not frown on the award of deserving loyal farmers of any political orientation, we are of the firm conviction that, the entire process in the Upper West was generally compromised and anchored on partisan consideration rather than merit. But for a negligible few of the awardees across the various Districts and Municipalities, majority of awardees are staunch NPP supporters. This goes to confirm the conviction that, the government’s self-taunted planting for food and jobs and other agricultural policies are vehicles created to improve the lot of NPP supporters to the detriment of the ordinary masses.

It is sad that, the NPP Government continues to polarize a well knitted Ghanaian society on political consideration. We wish to implore the NPP Government to desist from such acts as Agriculture primarily forms the nucleus of our survival.

We also want to call on government to immediately investigate the circumstances that led to wide spread discontent in many District and Municipal Assemblies after the farmers day award ceremony in the Upper West Region. We hope government will act expeditiously to ensure deserving farmers are the ones that are awarded and not party functionaries. Thank you.
Puo-Ire Prosper

Source: www.watchghana.com

Author: Kantayir Digme    Verified


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